One of the interesting things I've observed in the last year is how my hobby activities of social networking and blogging are in the process of crossing over into the mainstream of business activities.   In turn, we are starting to see the early stages of mashups between Telecom and what Tim O'Reilly dubbed the "Web 2.0" space.  

I've blogged on a variety of my personal interests during the past few years, but have mostly stayed away from writing about VoIP industry related trends.   However, during a time when many of us are travelling less than before (clue: I'm not writing this post from Miami), blogging about our business is one of the ways to keep in touch with other people in the industry, be they customers, prospects, vendors, partners, the media or some other type of colleague.  

I recently did two weeks of road presentations on the part of Voice over IP and wireless networks that involves the edges of networks.   As a product manager for Dialogic® gateway products, this is a familiar area for me, but it is an area in transition.   My goal with this blog will be to write about trends in VoIP and the network edge, and talk about the kinds of solutions that are currently in use and also about newer things that are more on the bleeding edge.  

In the blog, the opinions will be my own and when the theme is self-serving, such as talking about all of the cool things that my products can do, I'll note that.  

This is one of the toughest economies I've seen during my career, though the last Telecom downturn was also very hard on this industry.   Yet out of difficult circumstances, often new and lasting things emerge.   The world of telecom is undergoing transformation and perhaps the current economic trends will accelerate that or, less likely, slow it down.  

Hold on tight, the ride ahead may be a wild one, but I hope we'll also find many of those exhilarating moments that make all of the hard work worthwhile at the end of the day.