Have you seen this yet?


Every so often we see break-through technology.  Most of what we see goes bust, but every so often something catches on.   I will not comment on what I think of this particular product's prospects, but the 'concept' is undeniably intriguing.  

Distributed computing has always been a subject of particular interest to me ever since I was architecting massively parallel super computers back in the early '90's.   Cooperative micro-computers strategically placed through the home or office represents an inflection point in how we perceive computers.   Imagine going to your local hardware store to pick up a 6-pack of 'plug-in' computers to place throughout your home, creating a little "home cloud."   Maybe you even have a few spares in the closet next to your light bulbs in case one burns out.

You would access this computer cloud via wireless connectivity using your mobile handset or home TV.   These devices now become your keyboard/mouse and video (KVM).  With a mobile KVM, you can access a micro-computer any where.  As you move throughout your house, your wireless connection is handed off, but the computing power is distributed.   A session can be resident on any one of these devices or any device in a neighbor's house or your office.   Storage is all network-based and graphics are driven at the end point.   High-end gaming is driven by a separate gaming console, which appears as just another processor in this "home cloud," but in theory, anybody with a handset has a controller and could participate at whatever resolution their end point can bear. 

This is true ubiquitous computing.   No more need to configure and fight with your PC, your only concern now is the quality of the end point.   Need more compute power?  No problem, routines integrated into the micro computers could make use of available MIPs from many of these processors at once. 

Expandable displays will be the next great break through.   It will be interesting to watch this unfold.