In my first blog, I recounted one of my  early installations as an IVR developer and how difficult it was to accomplish what is now a relatively simple project.  This same idea has been much more eloquently stated by Thomas Howe in his blog  "From Doing to Knowing."  

Doing things is getting easier and eaiser.  The technolgy and network for making phone calls, sending faxes, SMS are all very complex, but the knowledge and understanding required to make those communications happen can now be reduced to a few lines of code. 

In order to generate real revenue in the future, we need to have a better understanding of our customers' pain points and the real value of the solution sets that we offer to those customers.  Rather than having our customers coming to us and asking "HOW to do things,"  we need to seek out customers and tell them WHY they should be implementing these technolgies.