I had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas last week.   Although it was my first time attending this event, there does not seem to be a recession in the broadcast industry.   The size of the show was quite impressive and it appeared reasonably well attended.   Having gone to CTIA just a couple weeks before, I can say it was easily 4x as big as CTIA. 

I walked the show floor a number of times, but I spent most of my time in the sessions, following the Telecom2009 track.   Overall, the sessions were not bad, but I found the technology discussions to be somewhat 'behind the times.'    On the other hand, I found the Industry's understanding of the end customer to be first rate.   It is clear that advertising dollars makes the broadcasting world go round because it was all about generating ad revenue.  

I learned a new term there:   COPE == Create Once Publish Everywhere.   I liked it.  It spoke volumes about what Dialogic is trying to do in the industry with respect to video transcoding and transrating and network adaptation to mobile as well as PCs and TVs.       Yet I also saw some things which left me wondering what the future is going to be like (at least for our kids).   

There was a considerable buzz about meta data.  This is not a new concept, but it is going to play a huge role in the future of our knowledge base.   Tools were shown where a content creator could not only apply all sorts of metadata to their content, but could actually compose the content using these tools, stipulating everything from lines and makeup to lighting and wardrobe.   Everything that would go into a script or storyboard is now entered at concept and creation into the tool so that when the final show is published, it has all the creative context embedded in the meta-data.  Want to find out how many times a particular actress ever said the wood "taco"  while wearing a red dress?  A simple search tool can not only extract the number of times taco was said, but can scan the wardrobe section for red dress and also take the video to the exact point in the stream where the word was spoken.  

I could see this idea going quite far and all sorts of spin-off concepts coming from it.   In the future, everything will be tagged with meta-data.  Infinite knowledge at your finger tips.