It appears the US Government is taking a look at the exclusive handset deals that are being cut with the big 3 US mobile carriers. 

I find this interesting, because in a way, it overlooks the real problem:  There aren't enough mobile operators to choose from in North America.

I recently was in the market for a new flat screen TV.   I had been monitoring the prices of thee TVs as far back as last November and I noted that two things had happened since then:

1). One of the major outlets had gone out of business and

2). the prices of these TVs have actually gone up since last November.  

Now some people argue that there was an excess in supply last November so the prices were lower than normal, but I noticed that most electronics devices seemed to stabilize or increase in price since the Holiday season.  

It is interesting that each manufacturer of TVs offers numerous similar models within a given class of TVs.   Since each major outlet claims they will not be undersold, they carefully select the models which the other major outlets don't carry.   The more outlets there are the better chance more than one outlet needs to carry the same model of TV, thus breeding competition which benefits the consumer. 

Could I be imagining things, or was the reduction in competition the real reason for the prices I was seeing?   I can see the same thing happening in cell phones. 

So if the US government really wants to fix the problem with pricing and availability of devices, maybe they should focus on encouraging some real competition in the North American mobile market.