Hello All,

It's been a while I know. Reason is - I had all my fingernails pulled out by the recession so I found it hard to type. Now that they are re-grown, I'd like to say a few words about Dialogic's internal deployment (Lighthouse!) of Microsoft Unified Communications or 'MUC' (my acronym, not thiers). In fact, it's probably best to read it as initials; M-U-C, which works better with the title and doesn't sound like dredge. And yes - it is a play on "I Want My MTV" for those of you born after 1985. Clever lad that Bud - right?

Anyhoo......about M-U-C, dredge it is not! I just finished a 2 hour session with my esteemed boss, who, being a German national, works in our Stuttgart area office. I, being a nth generation Jersey-boy, work in the Dialogic Parsippany, New Jersey office. "How's that working for us?" you ask. Well, pretty freakin good thanks, now that we have unified communications fully operational. Our 2 hour collaborative session was, dare I say, even more productive than a face to face meeting! Between the easy session setup, high def audio, quality desktop video conference and click to share desktops we both left the session quelling about our intercontinental productivity.

Does that mean that I believe Microsoft Unified Communications is the end-all-be-all? Well it's definitely working for me, but I really believe that it's UC as an enterprise solution in general that kicks capital A in the knowledge worker productivity zone, regardless of whether your a fan of Redmond, big Blue, the new A+N, triple I ....etc. 

And for those of you in Dialogic land who aren't fully configured yet, call your friendly neighborhood IT helpdesk and scream: "I Want My M-U-C!" See - I linked it back to the title - pretty clever eh?