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Show Me the Money!

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When I’m traveling to customers and talking to them about mobile video, most of them understand the “video to the mobile phone” opportunity but are also curious to understand what others are doing around the world. I can easily show them a YouTube video on my BlackBerry. But it’s more than just streaming YouTube videos to your BlackBerry or IPhone. While there is definitely an opportunity to add value to that, there is also a lot of activity in adding video to an existing voice or text application.

And we are at the point now where customers and prospects want to see what I’m talking about when I say “IVVR.” And in this day and age, we have YouTube. And I can show them on my BlackBerry! For this blog though, you can click on the links below to see.

As I’ve written in the past, IVVR’s are really about adding video capability to an IVR. This YouTube video from SK Telecom is a very good example of a full IVVR from the contact center point of view. They refer to this as a next-generation call center service and in the video, you’ll see both how the agent uses video and how the mobile phone is using video to enhance the IVR experience. This example from YouTube, while head pounding at first (you’ll see what I mean), also shows this same service from the user experience.

But IVVRs are more than just adding video to help the user experience. There is also an interactivity element involved as you can see something and become more involved. The following music voting application is an example of that kind of IVVR. The video is kind of long, but if you watch it, you’ll definitely get a better understanding of what I’m talking about.

And we also have IVVRs where the video is very much a huge part of the entire application. The following movie trailer is this kind of IVVR. I mean, obviously, it you want to have a movie trailer IVVR, you need to show movie trailers!

And finally, here is an example that involves everything I’ve talked about above, and includes a promotional aspect. A true interactive IVVR is this video of MasterCard’s sponsorship of Japan Fashion Week’s “3GTV Japan.”

Cool stuff.

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  • The SK Telecom call center demo is really good. Makes total sense for the wireless carrier to employ this in their own call center - that target customer for IVVR and MM contact center should be replicated world-wide - showcase the 3G video technology and application as part of their business operations -that's killer!