One of the rapidly expanding use cases in IP Communications is connecting the various islands of Voice over IP. At this point, the islands might consist of carriers, enterprises and various cloud-based enhanced services.

Frequently, the glue which brings these disparate elements together is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) but as I discussed in previous blog posts here and here, SIP brings with it many challenges, not the least of which is interoperability.

At Dialogic, we’ve put some thought into how to address this interoperability issue and, following the lead of many of our customers, have recognized that the SIP profile feature we previously added to our IMG gateway can provide a useful approach to reconciling incompatible SIP implementations on 3rd party solutions. As Product Line Director for the IMG gateways, I’m not at all bashful about their virtues, but this capability has recently gotten a lot of attention.

SIP reconciliation or mediation is just one of the functions that can be useful on the borders of IP networks. There are also many others. We have recently posted a white paper that discusses a border element with media capabilities entitled: Beyond the SessionBorder Controller: Accelerating the Move to IP with Multimedia Border Element.

If you’d like to learn more, you can download the white paper here.