In previous blogs I have alluded to this concept of Citizen Journalism.  I have this particular picture of the Airbus 320 plane from US Airways Flight 1547 being pulled up alongside a dock in the Hudson River in New York City.   In the foreground is a large group of people and every one of them has their cell phone out taking a picture of the event.  

Now, fast forward to this month and we see that the latest iPhone has a video recording feature that allows you to record and post your videos to YouTube or email them etc.

An application I have often talked about is the ability to edit those videos using the handset.   Any smart phone would be capable of dealing with this.   The video would be uploaded to a network with virtually unlimited processing power in the cloud.   The smart phone application is really just a simple virtual interface to a video editing application sitting in the cloud.

If any of you already know about such an application, please let me know.

If not, then go write it and make yourself some money.