Early in this baseball season, I wrote a blog about my first visit to the new Shea Stadium. (OK, I know it’s called Citi Field, but I still call it Shea Stadium and everyone knows what I’m talking about.) I wrote about my troubles finding Wi-Fi in the stadium and that I was none too happy about it. And look at what happened since I did that – injury after injury and dropped fly balls that even my mother could have caught. It’s bad. It’s not quite bag over your head bad, but it’s bad. As this season (thankfully) is now over, how woeful are they? Well, some time ago I stopped watching them and turned my attention to how the Yankees are doing! Wow, that’s super serious woefulness.

Oh, I shouldn’t have written that blog! Because of that bad karma, the Mets have suffered through a dreadful season. All because of that bad karma that emanated from that blog! I know it was my fault. I’m so sorry! But I’m going to eradicate that right now.

The Mets have gotten the vibe about mobile value added services. A month or so ago, the Mets announced an in-park mobile campaign to engage fans during the game. Perhaps someone in the front office figured if you engaged the fans during the game by using their mobile phones, they wouldn’t have to actually watch the game. (Oops, sorry about that, but it was a layup, man.) There are games/voting via SMS/MMS on fan choice awards, voting on what song to sing in the eighth inning, photo submissions and some type of “text of war.” The results go real time onto the scoreboard. The Mets get the power of interactive mobile value added services. Mr. Met has been reading my blogs! He’s cool. The next time I see him, he’ll be texting into a BlackBerry or iPhone. He’s the man.

This is a positive blog about the Mets. I declare the bad karma is officially eradicated. The Mets will win next year!