As the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) continues its migration toward IP, this creates both opportunities and challenges.   In principle, the new models for building communication services which use SIP as the session protocol are a major step forward, but what if two SIP-enabled network elements use different flavors of SIP?   What if voice is encoded differently as a call crosses two adjacent networks?   Can a carrier keep its IP infrastructure shielded when peering with another carrier?   The traditional solution for addressing many of these cases has been to buy an additional device, the Session Border Controller, but this adds cost to the operator's network, and may not fully address the media handling requirements for many applications.

For all-IP environments, new elements are required that can mediate signaling, transcode among different media formats, and handle important security issues. Dialogic has developed the concept of the Multimedia Border Element (MMBE) to meet these needs.  

Sound interesting?   Would you like to know more?   Here's your chance. 

On Wednesday, November 11 at 1:00 Eastern US time, I will be presenting a webinar entitled: "Handling Critical SIP Issues in IP Network Rollouts: Border Elements to the Rescue." 

In the webinar, I'll talk about how operators can use Multimedia Border Elements to bring IP-based communication services to market faster and reduce costs. 

Attendees at the webinar will learn: 

  • Leading features and technical benefits of Multimedia Border Elements
  • Business advantages of Multimedia Border Elements compared to alternatives
  • Strategies for reducing capital, operational and development expenses using MMBEs
  • How Multimedia Border Elements can speed the delivery of SIP-based enhanced services  

It should be fun and informative, and we'll have time for Q & A at the end. 

To register, please visit the Dialogic web site at the following link:

I hope you can join us.