The source code and instructions for adding it to Wireshark and using it can be found here:

Wireshark and Woomera

For someone who develops, tests and configures anything that uses IP protocols, Wireshark is a valuable tool.  It is open source, free, readily available and runs on a standard PC, unlike proprietary network monitoring equipment.  It allows a user to capture, collect and analyze almost any IP-based protocol in use today.  “Dissectors”, or analysis modules for specific protocols, are added on a regular basis for new protocols like Woomera.  This is an initial offering for that protocol.

We feel that this dissector will help anyone who is working with our DiaStar Server.It will also help developers as they build Woomera Clients that properly interface with the DiaStar Server for projects other than Asterisk and FREESwitch. A client for Asterisk already exists and the FREESwitch client is already under development).

In addition to helping with client development, this dissector can also:

  • Assist in the general debugging of any DiaStar installation.  For example, it is easier and more convenient to capture Woomera and RTP using Wireshark, analyze the RTP streams and then see if they match the ip addresses and ports exchanged in the Woomera messages
  • Allow access to Wireshark’s filtering facilities for Woomera. For example, in a sizable installation with a lot of Woomera traffic, you would be able to easily find a single call according to IP address, port, Woomera message type or Woomera call ID
  • Assist when implementing SS7 SIGTRAN and DiaStar. Since SIGTRAN is IP-based, capturing everything using a single tool is very convenient when debugging

Please let us know if you have any feedback, updates or corrections to this dissector.