More and more the Internet is about video content, and in fact I saw a prediction that by 2012, video will account for 50% of all Internet traffic.  The BBC have a mission statement that says they should "inform, educate and entertain", which is not a bad starting point for describing the world of video.  From the Dialogic point-of-view we would certainly add to that "interact with", since with the Internet, and even more in mobile, we not just talking about a passive experience but actually a conversation that a user conducts with some kind of application or portal.

Some stories are easier to tell in video than in any other format, and so sites like YouTube that allow users to contribute their own content have exploded in popularity.  It's easy to shoot video now, as it's a feature that most digital still cameras have built-in.  Going further, webcams are cheap and plentiful, and even tiny pocket devices like the (Apple iPod Nano or Flip Mino) can produce video very quickly and transfer it to a PC for editing or upload.  The barriers to making video have really lowered to nothing.

By the way, if you haven't yet seen it, Dialogic has its own YouTube channel here:

You'll find a lot of videos there about solutions that our partners have created to use video.  We want to use video more to tell our own stories too.