I’ve been reviewing the new Solution Showcase on Dialogic’s website, as  it’s always a good idea to understand what value added services our partners are building with our products.   The Showcase includes a diverse array of cutting edge applications, but what caught my immediate eye was Bay Talkitec’s Smart Intercept solution for Law Enforcement Agencies.

I’ve worked on projects over the years where monitoring or Legal Intercept has been a requirement. Many have been TDM-based where high Impedance (HiZ) interfaces on our boards made passive connection tapping a possibility and a number have been SS7 signaling and IP.  Monitoring as an industry is not just for Law Enforcement, but for Contact Centres and IVR systems too. When you call your bank or utility company and are told that the call may be recorded for quality or training purposes, the monitoring of the call is legally required in many cases.

What Bay Talkitec has done is to use Dialogic’s PowerMedia™  Host Media Processing software as part of the core for their 3G video call interception application. This is a novel use of the PowerMedia video capabilities to deliver such a service. With the growth in video and video calling, Law Enforcement agencies need the services and capabilities to keep a step ahead.  PowerMedia HMP also allows you to deliver such capabilities in an IP- only world and with HD Voice.

Have you looked at the Solution Showcase yet?  If so, what is catching your eye?