The amount of mobile core traffic due to Diameter signaling is steadily increasing and is directly correlated with the demand for mobile broadband services and the number of connected devices. The always-on nature of today’s devices, which include handsets, tablets and M2M end points, contributes to the growing amount of control plane traffic. As the number of 4G networks increases and as operators upgrade their mobile assets to an all-IP evolved packet core, Diameter traffic volumes will continue to rise. Diameter signaling controllers (DSCs) are a new class of network infrastructure that can help manage the signaling storm and reduce the complexity of routing and securing Diameter services.

However, there is still a large embedded base of infrastructure that relies on legacy protocols such as RADIUS to provide the authentication, authorization and charging information services for mobile, Wi-Fi and fixed broadband networks. This is increasing the need for interworking between the different technology domains to extend the useful life of core network assets and better position legacy networks for eventual migration to next-generation technologies. 

A new wave of Diameter signaling controllers, which addresses the challenges service providers face when it comes to interworking, are well suited to the task, regardless of whether the networks or specific services rely on Diameter or RADIUS. In addition, with routing and security inherent in such platforms, service providers get the added benefit of those capabilities for not only Diameter-based services, but also RADIUS-based services, as well. 

RADIUS is a key authentication, authorization and charging protocol in CDMA2000 networks, Wi-Fi networks and fixed broadband networks. And even though the progression of technology is toward Diameter, interoperability will require the need for interworking RADIUS, Diameter and SS7 for a long time to come due to the wide existing base of machines relying on the legacy protocol.  Let us know your comments about how you think Diameter and RADIUS technology will play out. 

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