I made some bold predictions last year.  Now is the time to face the music and grade myself.

1. Last year I predicted we’d start to see much more messaging and “cool apps” with voice inclusion. I said that because of WebRTC where you can embed a url into an app and more easily get to a voice call.  However, WebRTC deployments did not go as fast as some in the industry, like me, had expected. So while I know there are some interesting apps like this in trial and development with our customer base, they haven’t been deployed en mass.  So I’ll give myself a “C” here.

2. Last year I predicted we’d see “medium scale WebRTC deployments”.  Nope.  I wouldn’t call what we’ve seen “medium scale”.  There are deployments and at least one of them (Mayday) had a lot of fanfare, but right now I believe we are more in the trial/Proof of Concept stage.  But there is a large WebRTC ecosystem so that is promising.  This is now more for 2015. But for my prediction, sadly a “D”.

3. Last year I said “I expect 2014 to be a big-time prep year for VoLTE with larger-scale deployments happening in 2015”.  So far, I see this has happened as I thought.  LTE deployments are happening and VoLTE is getting rolled out.  I’ll give myself a “B” here.

4. Last year I said “in 2014 we’ll see LTE/Diameter interworking take more of a center stage” because of the need for LTE roaming.  Well, I have an LTE phone and I travel to a lot of places around the world.  I so far, I have not roamed LTE to LTE.  I’ll give myself an “F” on this one.

5. Last year I predicted NFV and SDN to be key themes at MWC and that “you’d absorb this theme without even trying”.  Yep. I get an “A”.  I needed to take an easy class!

So my 2014 predictions were kind of optimistic, but I’m an optimistic guy.  Just don’t go to Vegas with me.  Next week I’ll make my 2015 predictions.  Who knows, maybe I’ll make some of the same ones as last year!