This blog is a continuation of my previous blog on the media server infographic showing the role of media servers in mobile 4G networks, mobile and web applications,  and emprise unified communications applications. All sources cited in this blog are noted on the infographic.

In this blog I’ll talk about the role of the media server in video conferencing, the contact center and next generation 911 services.

Video Conferencing

The value of the global video conferencing market is expected to grow from $3.3 billion today over $6.4 billion in 2020.  Underlying this growth is the deployment of WebRTC type applications and new cloud based infrastructure.

Over 30% over large enterprises will use cloud-based video conferencing by 2015.  It’s more accessible, expected and customizable to specific uses cases.  Additionally, over 28% will use WebRTC for desktop video within the next year.

Media server provide transcoding and transizing between different video formats; and provide for multi-party conferencing and recording.

Contact Center

As customers are moving to web and mobile, contact centers are moving toward seamless omni-channel interactions to improve customer experience.  Over 69% of contact center communications are still handled by phone.  More than 30% of contact centers offer a mobile application.  Solutions must be based on mobile users, seamless interactions and great customer experience.

For contact centers media servers provide speech processing, voicemail services, multi-party conferencing, recording and real-time playback, IVR and WebRTC interworking.

Next Generation 911 and Emergency Services

Governments around the world today are expanding their emergency service systems to be compatible with text and multimedia messaging. In 2014, the US FCC directed wireless carriers and other text messaging provides to support text-to-911.   The FCC has also mandated that video relay services for the deaf must also deliver emergency calls.  That mandate is based on the fact that 10% of the population in US and Canada are deaf or hearing impaired making 911 calls very difficult.

Media servers support NG 911 services by providing multi-party conferencing, video, interworking and recording.

Keep an eye out for a new whitepaper from Dialogic on the role of the media server in NG 911 environments.

That wraps up some commentary on the media server infographic.  Think media servers are important? What do you think?