I’ve written from time to time (many times), about how both the IMS, and VoIP infrastructure markets continue to grow.  The IMS market is growing because of LTE.

VoLTE, and VoIP infrastructure markets continue to grow because, even though LTE is growing, everyone has not moved to IMS yet, and want to keep their existing networks going.  In fact, as I’ve written about before, 3G subscribers continue to grow as LTE subscribers also grow.  With subscriber growth comes network expansion growth. 

Infonetics has come out with 1H15 numbers.  As this press release indicates, the combined market increased 46% year over year.  Additionally, even legacy softswitches, and trunk media gateways posted year over year revenue growth, even though “everyone knows” those markets are declining.  Clearly, both market forces are at work.

Dialogic is at the forefront of both continuation of NGN and the transition to IMS, and if you want to read more, please go here.