I will be speaking at Oracle OpenWorld on October 26 on the topic of NFV.  Oracle wants the panel to be about the obstacles NFV faces that have to be overcome.  I will certainly be able to speak about that since Dialogic has a lot of experience with positioning software against hardware based solutions, especially in the area of media processing.  And regarding NFV itself, there are issues relating to how to “think” about an NFV solution on a network diagram.  It’s hard to conceptualize since the software based systems aren’t exactly “box-based” infrastructures.  I’ll try to explain this during the panel.

There are even internal obstacles to be overcome relating to NFV that I’ll talk about.  And finally, we’ll talk about where we really are in terms of deploying true NFV-based solutions in the market.  I’m looking forward to speaking in a few weeks and I thank Oracle for asking me to.