NFV is an important topic for Dialogic.  Dialogic has had software infrastructure products for some time in the media processing area, even before I ever heard of the term NFV.  Software-based media servers are in our DNA.  We’ve been doing it for a long time.  We know the issues, we know how to overcome them, and we know the benefits of using software based infrastructure products.  And we are currently moving many of our hardware platforms to be software based.  It’s just the right thing to do. 

With that as background, SDx Central recently did an interview with me that was published today. First of all, yes, pretty much all of our customers are asking us about NFV.  It’s a really important topic.  It will change the way they do business, and basically determine even if they are still in business in 10 years.  It will have much the same impact on the industry as VoIP did in that there will be a new landscape.  There will be new players that emerge, and some of large players of today may not be so large anymore in the future.  It’s really important to get this right. 

Dialogic’s focus is on providing Virtual Network Functions for an NFV deployment.  We understand that we can’t provide an end to end solution but that we can provide certain best elements within the NFV.  That is, we want to be leaders in providing media processing, transcoding, signaling interworking and call control/routing/interconnect VNFs.  The overall NFV deployment then will utilize these Dialogic elements as a part of a best of breed approach to the solution, with the MANO layer providing the glue for all the components. 

We are ready.