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  • Blog Post: The road to LTE – Who’s driving: Operators or consumers?

    Over the next few years we’ll start to see LTE move into the mainstream. It will not, however, be the immediate panacea for all of the bandwidth and spectrum issues as it will take some time to roll out. It will however start to get us moving in the right direction and combining with HSPA (High...
  • Blog Post: Is the General Public Ready for the Cloud?

    I was asked this question recently. However, can someone be ready for something they are unaware of ? “Cloud” is starting to seep into people’s consciousness through advertising with Microsoft’s “To the Cloud” commercials being a prime example and Amazon’s recent...
  • Blog Post: Some Predictions for Cloud in 2012

    I have an aversion to the end of year ‘top things that have happened this year’ or ‘will happen next.’ This blog is not a 2 hour TV program counting down the 100 must see TV moments or even the top predictions for Cloud in 2012, which the title may suggest – it’s simply...