"Redirect commands" in system.txt for SS7HD boards


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"Redirect commands" in system.txt for SS7HD boards

  • I want to ask about (redirect commands), why do we redirect MTP2 and MTP3 and the other modules  to module 0x20 ??

    two commands for example :


    REDIRECT 0x71 0x20 * MTP2 module

    REDIRECT        0x22    0x20    * MTP3 module


  • 0x20 is the board driver.

    in case mtp3 is running on the board and not in the host, you need to redirect messages through the board driver. 

  • Thank you Frank,

    Do you mean that the messages are existed in the PC, so we need to redirect them from the PC to the board in order to handle the MTP3 msgs by the board ?

    another question please, if we need to run MTP2 and MTP3 on the board,

    after the board handle MTP2, then where the board will put the handled message ?

  • Well, this depends on your board license....

  • Dear Frank,

    Consider that I have license for MTP3 , and I'm receiving traffic, after the board finishing from handling the MTP2, where the board will send the result ?

    I'm sorry for bothering you, but I hope to find answers

    best regards

  • assuming MTP3 is on the board, you redirect 0x22 to 0x20, so when you send to MTP3 it is redirected to the board.

    if you run MTP3 on the host, you won't need this redirect command.

    when MTP3 will deliver the message to the application, it delivers by default to 0x33 for sccp  or to 0x23 for ISUP.

    if you want to grab MTP3 message directly, you need to configure an MTP_USER_PART in config.txt

  • very nice Frank

    so if I used this command

    "MTP_USER_PART 0x03 0x5d"

    then I will find the sccp msg in 0x5d module ?

    or I need also "Redirecet 0x33 0x5d" command to find sccp msg in 0x5d??

  • this command means that 0x5d will get SCCP messages instead of the SCCP module (typically 0x33)

    means 0x5d will have to decode SCCP part.

    Redirect 0x33 0x5d, means that any message addressed to 0x33 will be sent to 0x5d.

    This will be needed for example if you want the TCAP module to send messages to 0x5d instead of 0x33.

  • last question Franck

    if mtp2, and mtp3 run on the board, then I need to write redirect command for each module.

    if the board draw the msg from E1 then mtp1 handled it then mtp2 module handled it then mtp3 handled it. (all of the msgs were processed on the board ), why should I redirect mtp2 and mtp3 through 0x20 to the board again.

    my question is if the board handled the msgs from mtp1 to mtp3 , why we have to redirect them to the board if they (msgs) actually existed on the board.???