Hi people. I'm new at DSI, and I'm learning about it for a project I have at work.

Right now I'm trying to send an Establish Temporary Connection message using s7_play, but I have problems making the right script.

I have read de programming manuals and using what I've learned from INAP and Software Environment manuals, I made this s7_play script:






But when I send it, all I see in wireshark is "Begin otid (00004000)". I don't understand what am I doing wrong, could someone please help me with these. May be there is something I got wrong from the manuals.

In the pcap file I share here, there is one correct ETC message, that is the message I'm trying to send with s7_play, I generated that example message modifying INTU (the file is a pcap file, but I added .txt because the website didn't let me to upload the file as pcap).

Thanks a lot!