Hi all, I would like to ask you for help in a problem I have right now with my code.

I have some message in MSG format. Their message type is 0x8f01, so they have SCCP, TCAP and Camel v2 (Component) parts included in the param array. 
I want to use the INAP library to obtain the calls information from the component (as it is explained in the INAP programmer's manual). I have used these functions before, but with MSG that only have INAP information in the param array (like in the INTU example code). 

What I want to do now is to convert the MSG structures from type 0x8f01 to type 0x87f1, so the param array only has INAP/Camel v2 information. So that way I can decode the MSG into an IN_CPT structure for using the INAP decoding functions. 

I've seen that the param can be stored in the correct format using the rpackbytes function, but I haven't been able to do this conversion, I was cutting just the component portion and saving this component in a new MSG structure created with the getm() function. But can't get it right. When you use the get_param() function you don't get the bytes in the same order they are stored in the param array, so if I use the get_param() to obtain the param from the 0x8f01 messages, and then copy only the TCAP component portion to the param array of the 0x87f1 messages, the format is not the right one, so the INAP functions won't work.

Is there some way or function for doing these conversions?, how can I convert a whole component into a param array for creating the MSG I need to create my IN_CPT structures?

Or, is there a way I can copy or convert the component portion into the databuf array of the IN_CPT structures?

If someone could help me or share some examples or source with similar conversions it would be greatly appreciated.

(BTW, sorry if my english is not so good, it is not my native language).