Hi All,

I'm getting below error & Circuits are out of service.

I tried manually the both services but the issue is not resolved it.

error from rtflog-LOCAL-20200523-16h19m05.874s.txt

05/23/2020 16:19:33.817 7791 3077965520 IPMSOAM CLUSTRPKG Error CLUSTRPKG - GetBoardsInfo::ERROR No board (successfully) retrieved from the device mapper
05/23/2020 16:19:33.937 7594 3077928656 OAMIPC Warning OAMOSSL - OAMOSSL::OSSL_Socket::ClientConnect connect udom failed (111 - Connection refused)

[root@tpbd02 tmp]# dlstatus
devmapserver (pid 6959) is running...
dlgtimeslotdolerserver (pid 6984) is running...
dlgsysmonitorserver (pid 7124) is running...
dlgsysclockserver is stopped
dlgclockdaemon is stopped
bmserver (pid 7458) is running...
snmpagent is stopped
cliagent (pid 7594) is running...
[root@tpbd02 tmp]# cd -
[root@tpbd02 dialogic]#