SIU with host based INAP


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SIU with host based INAP

  • I have an SIU running SCCP and TCAP. We are evaluating the INAP stack by using the stand alone version of the stack. I have been unable to get the TCAP messages into the INAP stack. I am running an ANSI system and using SS7 play to configure it manually after start up. The basics are:

    In the SIU config, I have the following line. When the system is run like this, I get all CAP messages in the TCAP stack.

    TCAP_CONFIG 0x0000 16382 0x8000 16382 0x00000 2 4

    In my system.txt on the host I have added the following:

    LOCAL 0x35


    FORK_PROCESS .\inap_nt.exe -t

    I am playing the following commands from s7_play.exe:


    *set inap config


    I have tried a number of combinations and don't seem to be able to get the messages into the INAP stack. I have also tried every sample I can find.

    We are polling the 0x35 que and finding TCAP messages there that don't apear to be from the INAP system. They are type 8782 and such.

    Can anyone give me a pointer in the right direction?



  • Did you find a solution to this? I'm having a similar problem right now.


  • Hi, Oh thats been a while.  We did get that working and into production.  I don't remember exactly what we did as the last one was turned down a few years ago.  I remember we had a support agreement and we ended up working with our FAE some.  The FAE was out of Europe.  You might mention my name to your Sales team/ FAE and they might be able to track down who we worked with at the time.

    Best Regards,