SS7 Board Configuratrion Issues


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Dialogic SS7 and SIGTRAN Signalling

SS7 Board Configuratrion Issues

  • Hi All,

    I have recently purchased a SS7SPCI4Q board I want to use "MAP, IS41 protocol stack in my application. I am uanble to figure out either my ss7 board is up or not. is there any way so that we can confirm my board is configured properly. i also need the basic configuration of system.txt and config.txt so that i can start the board with config.

    vishal singh

  • Can you post your Config.txt, System.txt and gctload output  for review?

    Have you looked at the manual?



  • Hi Ukernie thanks for response, my system.txt, config.txt and gctload -d output  conetent details is below

    LOCAL 0x20 * ssds/ssdh/ssdm - Board interface task

    LOCAL 0x00 * tim - Timer task


    * Optional modules running on the host:


    LOCAL 0xcf * s7_mgt - Management/config task

    LOCAL 0xef * s7_log - Display and logging utility

    LOCAL 0x2d * upe - Example user part task


    * Modules that optionally run on the host:


    * LOCAL 0x22 * MTP3 module (and SS7LD 'mtp' and 'isup' run-mode)

    * LOCAL 0x23 * ISUP module (and SS7LD 'isup' run-mode)

    * LOCAL 0x4a * TUP module

    * LOCAL 0x33 * SCCP module

    * LOCAL 0x14 * TCAP module

    * LOCAL 0x15 * MAP module

    * LOCAL 0x25 * IS41 module

    * LOCAL 0x35 * INAP module


    * Essential modules running on the board (all redirected via ssd):


    REDIRECT 0x71 0x20 * MTP2 module (except SS7HD boards)

    REDIRECT 0x10 0x20 * CT bus/Clocking control module

    REDIRECT 0x8e 0x20 * On-board management module

    REDIRECT 0xdf 0xef * LIU/MTP2 status messages -> s7_log

    NUM_MSGS 5000 * Number of standard size


    FORK_PROCESS ./tim

    FORK_PROCESS ./tick

    FORK_PROCESS ./s7_mgt

    FORK_PROCESS ./s7_log

    FORK_PROCESS ./upe


    config.txt is having content


    SS7_BOARD 0 SPCI4 0x0043 ./DC/ss7.dc3 MTP


    * LIU_CONFIG <board_id> <liu_id> <liu_type> <line_code> <frame_format>

    * <crc_mode> [<build_out>]

    LIU_CONFIG 0 0 5 1 1 1

    * MTP_CONFIG <reserved> <reserved> <options>

    MTP_CONFIG 0 0 0x00040000


    * Define linksets:

    * MTP_LINKSET <linkset_id> <adjacent_spc> <num_links> <flags> <local_spc> <ssf>

    MTP_LINKSET 0 1 2 0x0000 2 0x0008


    * Define a route for each remote signaling point:

    * MTP_ROUTE <dpc> <linkset_id> <user_part_mask>

    MTP_ROUTE 1 0 0x0020

    gctload output is

    Reading from system configuration file: 'system.txt'
    Created LOCAL module Id 0x20
    Created LOCAL module Id 0x0
    Created LOCAL module Id 0xcf
    Created LOCAL module Id 0xef
    Created LOCAL module Id 0x2d
    Redirect module Id 0x71 to module Id 0x20
    Redirect module Id 0x10 to module Id 0x20
    Redirect module Id 0x8e to module Id 0x20
    Redirect module Id 0x22 to module Id 0x20
    Redirect module Id 0xdf to module Id 0xef
    (5112)gctload: Verification started.
    (5112)gctload: Verification complete.
    (5112)gctload: Process (5113)'./tim' - forked by gctload
    (5112)gctload: Process (5114)'./tick' - forked by gctload
    (5112)gctload: Process (5115)'./s7_mgt' - forked by gctload

    S7_log : mod ID=0xef, options=0xaf0d, max_param_len=320
    (5112)gctload: Process (5116)'./s7_log' - forked by gctload
    UPE: User Part Example.
    Copyright (C) Dialogic Corporation 1991-2006. All Rights Reserved.
    14-bit point code selected.

    Requires the following entry in config.txt:
    MTP_USER_PART 0x0a 0x2d

    (5112)gctload: Process (5117)'./upe' - forked by gctload
    (5112)gctload: Initialisation complete.


  • example config and system.txt.zip

    Can you confirm whether you have SPCI4 or SS7LD board? Building a driver for the wrong board may cause you problems.

    i will suggest you read the Software Environment Programmers  manual for further information.

    Find attached example config and system.txt to start you off.


    Hope this helps, but do contact your local dialogic support for future issues.



  • Thanks Ukernie for help, we are having SPCI4Q board.

  • Hi

    I am having a SS7SPCI4Q dialogic board. The board got detected in windows machine. I changed the OS to CentOS 6.9. Now when i try to install, the device id is not getting generated and i am unable to use the board because the drivers are not detecting the board. Please suggest me some measures.