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The following features have been added:

  • SIP TLS Version 1.2 Support
  • Ability to Handle re-INVITE Hold in SIP REFER to Support for SIP REFER for Adding a Participant in a Conference (RFC 4579, § 5.6)

The following issues have been addressed:

  • IPY00118416 [Diagnostics] The its_sysinfo.exe tool fails to collect Default IP Address information during Installed Board Configuration step.
  • IPY00118392 [Diagnostics] The its_sysinfo.exe tool hangs at Processor Information step.
  • IPY00118363 [Firmware] When opening network (DTI) devices on DNI2 boards during application startup, there is a ConnectSCbus Failed error that occurs.
  • IPY00118039 [Firmware] The application called ec_stream( ) but did not receive an completion event in return.
  • IPY00118419 [IP Host] The server returns 501 Not Implemented error in response to OPTIONS requests.
  • IPY00118343 [IP Host] The OpenSSL package delivered in HMP is susceptible to potential security vulnerabilities.
  • IPY00118333 [IP Host] The SIP stack incorrectly sends proprietary SDP content in outgoing SIP messages.
  • IPY00118274 [IP Host] A gc_InvokeXfer( ) initiated, TCP-transport, SIP REFER blind transfer, fails to send a 200OK after first received NOTIFY, even though the HMP app receives successful transfer complete event.
  • IPY00118159 [IP Host] When receiving an incoming call with precondition attributes in SIP INVITE, HMP responds with those SDP attributes in 200OK without adding preconditions in supported header.
  • IPY00117959 [IP Host] SIP re-INVITE uses UDP after initial INVITE that used TCP.
  • IPY00118367 [OA&M] MMC detects error in DM3Config.exe entries added to the system event log. Resolved IPY00117965 [ OA&M The lmgrd.exe licensing module delivered in HMP is susceptible to a buffer overflow vulnerability.
  • IPY00118341 [SSP] A bugcheck crash occurs in the SSP component when performing SIP calls with media activity under load on Windows 2008 (32-bit) systems.

The following is a known Issue:

  • IPY00118380 [IP Host] A TLS application initiating a transfer with gc_InvokeXfer( ) must be aware of the certain conditions (see documentation for detail).