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Release notes:

The following features were added:

  • Added Auto-Save Undelivered Recording -- PowerMedia XMS Release 3.5 Service Update 2 now automatically saves an undelivered HTTP recording in MSML, RESTful and VXML. When there is a failure during an HTTP record operation (such as for a server problem), PowerMedia XMS will retry the PUT operation and if unsuccessful a second time, automatically save the recording locally for the application to recover.
  • Added Manual Mode for Service Startup -- PowerMedia XMS Release 3.5 Service Update 2 includes the ability to enable a manual service startup mode for post installation configuration. When the manual service startup mode is enabled, the system allows for configuration prior to full service startup.

The Following Issues Have Been Resolved:

  • XMS-8123 / HMP / XMS recording is missing video from some parts of the call.
  • XMS-8119 / Video / When using Safari on iPhone during video conference, the video orientation is upside down in portrait mode.
  • XMS-8027 / XMS / gc_AcceptModifyCall() fails with the reason that no answer SDP is attached.
  • XMS-7859 / XMS / When performing Early Media call scenario, XMS does not include the same answer SDP that is in the unreliable failure provisional response (183 Session Progress).