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The following issues have been resolved:

  • XMS-8331 / HMP /When an inbound UPDATE request is handled before the call, the receiving fax request fails with "IPERR_TXRXRESOURCESINSUFF" error.
  • XMS-8253 / HMP /During AMR-WB decode, there is HMP SSP crash by SIGFPE. Resolved XMS-8371 7 Nodecontroller The setting for disabling CVO parameter is cleared after applying a license and issuing XMS restart.
  • XMS-7791 / SNMP /Unable to receive V3 traps xmsWebUserProfileChanged and xmsIncorrectLoginAttempt from XMS.
  • XMS-8297 / XMS /When the precondition mechanism is used during session establishment, session modification through re-INVITE fails.
  • XMS-8129 / XMS /A segfault occurs in xmserver service with "trap divide error". Resolved XMS-8027 7 XMS gc_AcceptModifyCall() fails with the reason that no answer SDP is attached.
  • XMS-7859 / XMS /When performing Early Media call scenario, XMS does not include the same answer SDP that is in the unreliable failure provisional response (183 Session Progress).