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The following issues were resolved:

  • XMS-8450 [XMS] Some of the files and directories under /usr/dialogic are set as "512" ownership.
  • XMS-8442 [XMS] XMS hangs after the 100 Trying to re-INVITE with incorrect precondition attributes in the re-INVITE SDP.
  • XMS-8392 [MSML] The unjoin on other dialog fails with no SIP responses from XMS.
  • XMS-8375 [MSML] XMS always returns a record.len of "0" for remote record.
  • XMS-8371 [Nodecontroller] The setting for disabling CVO parameter is cleared after applying a license and issuing XMS restart.
  • XMS-8331 [HMP] When an inbound UPDATE request is handled before the call, the receiving fax request fails with "IPERR_TXRXRESOURCESINSUFF" error.
  • XMS-8277 [XMS] XMS rejects incoming calls with "503 Service Unavailable" even when enough licenses/resources are available.
  • XMS-8270 [VXML] The SIP Header "P-AssertedIdentity" returns an array even when a comma exists in the value.
  • XMS-8262 [RESTful] The xmsrest process goes into a failed state without any indication.
  • XMS-7508 [XMS] The Protocol > SIP page of the WebGUI is blank