PowerMedia XMS Release 3.1 Service Update 8 (Build 19228) Now Available

Download available at: https://www.dialogic.com/products/downloads/xms/xms3-1_sla

The following issues have been addressed:

  • XMS-8253 [HMP] During AMR-WB decode, there is HMP SSP crash by SIGFPE.
  • XMS-8142 [HTTP] Client When announcement expires from the cache and web server DNS is unavailable, there is no play failure returned.
  • XMS-8640 [MSML] Basic Audio license leak observed as RTP session is not stopped by XMS.
  • XMS-8732 [XMS] RTP counter is being incremented twice on a call but decremented only once when call gets released.

The following was added as a known issues:

  • XMS-8785 [WebRTC] When using Chrome, the "conf_demo" video will freeze and not recover. This issue is fixed in XMS 3.5 or later.
  • XMS-8048 [WebRTC] When using Firefox and connecting to the verification demo (or using webrtc.js for other applications), no audio or video will be established. This issue is fixed in XMS 3.5 or later.