Release Update:

In the Post Release Developments chapter, added:

  • Updated Visual C++ Libraries Runtime Components to Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable - With Service Update 382 on Dialogic® PowerMedia™ HMP for Windows Release 3.0, Visual C++ libraries runtime components have been upgraded to latest Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. This removes the dependencies on outdated versions of Microsoft C Runtime (MSVCx80 runtime) from HMP.
  • Additional 64-bit Runtime API Support - Service Update 382 includes additional 64-bit API support for HMP applications. This release provides 64-bit API support for the following HMP host libraries: Global Call IP API Library (gc), Device Management API Library (dev), Multimedia API Library (mm), Voice API Library (dx), Continuous Speech Processing API Library (csp), Conferencing API Library (cnf), Audio Conferencing API Library (dcb), IP Media API Library (ipml), and Standard Runtime Library API Library (sr).

The following issues were addressed:

  • HMP-694 [Firmware] Sporadic crash in ssp_mlm during CNF audio conferencing.
  • HMP-673 [Firmware] The mm_StreamWrite( ) function gets hung/stuck during play when using MM streaming I/O interface with AMR-WB underload.
  • HMP-655 [Firmware] KMBC bridging component does not initialize successfully upon services startup on certain servers, which leads to incorrect timeslot information when retrieved from DNI2 board.
  • HMP-672 [Host Library] The dx_resetch( ) function and its related definitions are missing from DXXXLIB.h header file.
  • HMP-603 [IP Host] SIP stack incorrectly sends crypto-based SDP content outgoing SIP messages in response to SIP INVITE.
  • HMP-535 [IP Host] The gc_ReleaseCallEx( ) function fails in disconnect while in blind transfer scenario.
  • HMP-262 [IP Host] SIP transfer fails when RTF config is set to default levels.
  • HMP-657 [OA&M] Restart attempt of Dialogic services in DCM fails on Windows Server 2016.
  • HMP-626 [OA&M] HMP is not starting through DCM on Windows Server 2016.
  • HMP-693 [SSP] RFC 2833 digits with payload type of 102 are not properly propagated in native joins.

The following was documented as a known issue:

  • HMP-705 [Firmware] The CR2 alarm indicator stays lit on DNI310TEPE2HMP or DNI610TEPE2HMP board with no alarm condition.