Release notes:

  • XMS-8643 [HMP] XMS fails with SSP segmentation fault in DtlsProcessRxPkt.
  • XMS-8625 [HMP] XMS fails with SSP core dump.
  • XMS-8142 [HTTP] Client When announcement expires from the cache and web server DNS is unavailable, there is no play failure returned.
  • XMS-8159 [MRB] The nst-ms-adaptor-config.xml points to the incorrect interface resulting in XMS being unavailable.
  • XMS-8640 [MSML] Basic Audio license leak observed as RTP session is not stopped by XMS.
  • XMS-8436 [MSML] XMS removes any text present after a character "," or ";" or "=" before applying as overlay.
  • XMS-8557 [SNMP] During reboot, there is duplicated "STARTING to RUNNING" state transition sent for msrpservice.
  • XMS-8184 [VXML] When a dialog document is unable to be fetched or parsed, XMS does not return SIP response "500 Internal Server Error".
  • XMS-8589 [WebGUI] The Window Logger Manager Tool (RemoteRtfToolInstaller.msi) fails to download on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and displays as HTML.
  • XMS-8710 [XMS] XMS is not responding to UPDATE request that contains a reduced strength in its SDP (invalid audio preconditions).