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The following feature has been added

  •  Added MSML MOML Event Configuration (Suppress moml.exit) - PowerMedia XMS Release 3.5 Service Update 5 includes a new configuration setting (MSML > MSML Advanced Configuration > MOML Events through the WebGUI) that controls the behavior of MOML events in PowerMedia XMS. The option provides a compatibility mode for applications to disable MOML events if the application does not expect the RFC 5707 required MOML events. When this configuration is disabled, MOML events such as moml.exit will be suppressed and instead the exit shadow variables will be moved to the associated msml.dialog.exit event.

The following issues have been addressed:

  • XMS-8814 [HMP] Due to trap divide error in ssp.mlm, HMP goes into a failed state.
  • XMS-8733 [HMP] There are certain WAV files that cannot be played by XMS.
  • XMS-8839 [JSR] 309 Support for X-Call-Group SIP header as part of the conference control leg.
  • XMS-8941 [MRB] The Resource Summary page shows that there are no active media servers connected.
  • XMS-8825 [MRB] On the Resource Summary page, the "Group Resource Meters" column has no data.
  • XMS-8791 [MRB] There is an exception written to the mrb.out log every couple of seconds.
  • XMS-8709 [MRB] The MRB WebGUI has a warning with media server adaptor version mismatch.
  • XMS-8504 [MRB] When forcing re-INVITE, the RtpCheck method is susceptible to a race condition.
  • XMS-8868 [MSML] The <gain> attributes tgtlvl and maxgain should be passively accepted to follow RFC [707.
  • XMS-8863 [MSML] When using the composite mechanism for play/record, the record does not terminate if the play is barged via the termkey.
  • XMS-88[8 [Nodecontroller] XMS sends default content-type application/xml instead of user configured application/msml+xml after upgrade from XMS 3.1 to XMS 3.[.
  • XMS-8812 [SNMP] The SNMP community public is enabled and has full access to all OIDs.
  • XMS-9094 [XMS] Appmanager crashes in fax onAckUpdateStream
  • XMS-908[ [XMS] The suppress ssrc attribute is in the answer SDP when it is not present in the offer SDP.
  • XMS-9004 [XMS] XMS is not sending encrypted SRTP payloads after Remote NAT Traversal in some cases.
  • XMS-8939 [XMS] XMS rejects call with "408 Request Timeout" or does not respond with 18x/200 OK.
  • XMS-8910 [XMS] The video conference join is returning "[00" conference stream error.
  • XMS-8880 [XMS] After upgrading, the system is unable to start the xmscld service.
  • XMS-88[0 [XMS] When clearing a server session, there is MRCP license leak.
  • XMS-8772 [XMS] DTLS negotiation fails on outbound SDP calls.

The following are known issues:

  • XMS-8965 [XMS] After configuring the meters in the Configure Meters window and clicking the Apply button, the Apply button on the Metrics Export page must also be clicked for configured settings to take effect.
  • XMS-8931 [MSML] Due to limitations in the CentOS 6 regular expression processing library, the MSML <pattern> element does not support regex patterns on CentOS 6.