Release notes:

The following issues have been resolved:

  • XMS-8538 [CDR] In the CSV file that is generated, the fields related to QoS are duplicated 32 times causing a significant amount of redundant data and increasing the file size.
  • XMS-9182 [Fax] The faxservice crashes by SIGSEGV.
  • XMS-9016 [HMP] A segfault occurs in xmserver after 51 days of continuous operation.
  • XMS-8159 [MRB] The nst-ms-adaptor-config.xml points to the incorrect interface resulting in XMS being unavailable.
  • XMS-8640 [MSML] Basic Audio license leak observed as RTP session is not stopped by XMS.
  • XMS-8889 [WebGUI] Creating a user account fails when the password has any special symbol characters other than "@" and "!".
  • XMS-9164 [XMS] XMS stops answering inbound calls with 408 SIP responses.
  • XMS-8732 [XMS] RTP counter is being incremented twice on a call but decremented only once when call gets released.

The following known issue has been added:

  • XMS-8931 [MSML] Due to limitations in the CentOS 6 regular expression processing library, the MSML <pattern> element does not support regex patterns on CentOS 6.