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The following issues have been resolved:

  • XMS-9793 (HMP) SSP crashes during rtpSocketClose function.
  • XMS-9530 (HMP) The HMP media processing service fails after rebooting host machine.
  • XMS-9505 (HMP) When setting parameter clamp="true" or setting "termkey" parameter, DTMF tone still gets recorded.
  • XMS-7478 (HMP) When the session timer expires, XMS does not provide a Reason Header within BYE request to the remote end.
  • XMS-8841 (Installation RPM) When installing the RPM on an Oracle 6.x system, the installation terminates on the adapter configuration.
  • XMS-10108 (XMS) When call-session stream direction changes (sendonly, recvonly) and when stream is inactive via reINVITE, there are no RTCP Sender/Receiver reports being sent from XMS to remote end.
  • XMS-9987 (XMS) SSP crashes during H.264 video streaming (SFU) and SDP renegotiation.
  • XMS-9981 (XMS) Even when incoming offer does not contain mode-set to indicate support of all modes, XMS sends mode-set parameter with value "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" or the one set for AMR codecs with its answer.
  • XMS-9820 (XMS) Interoperability issue with endpoints that send IN-BAND DTMF even though RFC2833 was negotiated in SDP.
  • XMS-9646 (XMS) The xmserver crashes during onResourceEvent function.
  • XMS-9511 (XMS) The keepalive is not sent on a particular appid if there is event activity on a different appid.
  • XMS-9436 (XMS) SID is missing on some RESTful log entries.
  • XMS-9434 (XMS) XMS is using/requesting a cache file despite having it be past the maxage.
  • XMS-9431 (XMS) When the default value is changed for the RFC 2833 digits in XMS, it will no longer be able to detect digits if the payload type does not match what was set.
  • XMS-9274 (XMS) The xmsrest service fails by SIGABRT with core dump.
  • XMS-8877 (XMS) The appmanager service fails by SIGABRT during destroySession function.

The following known issues were added:

  • XMS-10153 (HMP) When doing native recording on SFU conference party, the video is sometimes truncated in the recording, but the entire audio stream is successfully recorded.
  • XMS-10144 (HMP) Slight degradation in audio quality has been noted for cases where AMR2 call receives CMR that changes the bitrate.