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The following issues have been addressed:

  • XMS-10118 [HMP] SSP crashes when both the call legs are recording where the caller video is sendonly and the called video is recvonly.
  • XMS-9968 [RESTful] It is possible, in rare cases, for the xmsrest service to crash if a dial fails at the same time the call is disconnecting from the XMS.
  • XMS-10462 [SNMP] When the "Process signaling and media separately" parameter is enabled, XMS reports an error attempting to get xmsServiceUptime and xmsServiceLastReset for xmserver.
  • XMS-10263 [VXML] VXML crashes for second play+collect after XMS services restart.
  • XMS-10430 [XMS] The KPI max counters show "0" in the XMS Licenses dashboard graphs.
  • XMS-10214 [XMS] Fax resources leak over time and the session hangs.