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The following issues were resolved:

  • XMS-10778 [HMP] XMS fails with ssp_WRK20_p9 segmentation fault in ssp_x86Linux_boot process.
  • XMS-10696 [HMP] Channel may be left in bad state after H264 native recording due to client sending unsupported highprofile video.
  • XMS-10610 [HMP] XMS fails with ssp_x86Linux_boot process segmentation fault.
  • XMS-10660 [SNMP] When running snmpwalk command, a general failure occurs.
  • XMS-9729 [SNMP] XMS sends SNMP trap xmsIncorrectLoginAttempt after successful user login through the WebGUI.
  • XMS-10798 [VXML] The calls to VXML are delayed for multiple seconds before answering.
  • XMS-10761 [WebGUI] The Monitor > Call Groups page is not displaying calls.
  • XMS-10804 [XMS] When using play_demo, signaling sessions are not getting cleared.
  • XMS-10777 [XMS] XMS sends AMR mode-set parameter with all mode if initial INVITE has AMR- AMR-WB in offer SDP but does not contain mode-set parameter.
  • XMS-10751 [XMS] The appmanager service crashes on unacknowledged transaction.
  • XMS-10738 [XMS] XMS crash is observed with H264 native recording due to client sending unsupported high-profile video