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Release Notes:

The following issues have been resolved:

  • XMS-11212 [HMP] WebRTC DTLS handshake fails between XMS and Google Chrome 74.
  • XMS-10967 [HMP] There is occasionally frozen video in an SFU conference when one or more participants do not send video.
  • XMS-11177 [RESTful] When removing the resource ID, xmsrest service crash is observed on the system.
  • XMS-10887 [WebGUI] When setting the IP on the Network > Interface Configuration page of the WebGUI, there is a 503 error.
  • XMS-11238 [XMS] Optional service wsapiserver in failed state. The service is now disabled by default.
  • XMS-11194 [XMS] Double digit returned with event against each incoming RFC2833 digit in custom mode with IN-BAND and RFC2833 both enabled.
  • XMS-11193 [XMS] When the DTMF Reception Modes field is set to Default and offer/answer has negotiated INBAND, the DTMF event is being suppressed.
  • XMS-10941 [XMS] Incorrect timing in recorded native WebM file when video starts much later than audio.
  • XMS-10916 [XMS] XMS crash is observed with H264 native recording of video from certain clients sending padding packets