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The following issues were addressed

  • XMS-11838 / Appmanager / When PRACK with SDP and BYE arrives almost at the same time, the incoming call with precondition gets stuck forever.
  • XMS-12027 / HMP / XMS fails with segmentation fault while encoding AMRWB audio in ssp_x86Linux_boot process.
  • XMS-12004 / Video / The video quality is degraded with lower than expected bandwidth setting in XMS response.
  • XMS-11588 / Video / Experiencing one-way video during load testing. SIP client and WebRTC client are bridged together.
  • XMS-11952 / VXML / When VXML pre-fetch is disabled, there is SIP signaling session leak.
  • XMS-11605 / VXML / The vxmlinterpreter process crashes after significant increase in memory.
  • XMS-11849 / XMS / When the end client disconnects the call during play, xmsrest does not send hangup event.