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Post-Release Developments

  • Added Fax Page Quality Thresholds - PowerMedia XMS Release 4.0 Service Update 4 adds support for fax page quality thresholds to provide application with configurable setting to determine fax success criteria based on page quality.
  • Added MRB Support for SNMPv3 - PowerMedia XMS Release 4.0 Service Update 4 includes an updated PowerMedia MRB with support for SNMPv3. The addition of SNMPv3 adds support for updated security configuration settings that ensures that SNMP messages are encrypted to the designated recipients providing an additional layer of security for system managers.

The following issues have been addressed

  • XMS-11838 [Appmanager] When PRACK with SDP and BYE arrives almost at the same time, the incoming call with precondition gets stuck forever.
  • XMS-12027 [HMP] XMS fails with segmentation fault while encoding AMRWB audio in ssp_x86Linux_boot process.
  • XMS-12138 [MRB] MRB changes RESTful appid in the incoming event_data call event.
  • XMS-12119 [MRB] MRB goes into failover state due to memory leak.
  • XMS-12101 [MRB] XMS shows as being unavailable in MRB with "break in RTP was false alarm" error.
  • XMS-12039 [MRB] MRB is reporting incorrect active session count in response to a RESTful API to GET the total active resources within the media cluster.
  • XMS-12260 [SNMP] Unable to set the License Server Unreachable Grace Period field on the SNMP > High Threshold Configuration page of the WebGUI.
  • XMS-11601 [Third Party] The telegraf service fails with segmentation fault.
  • XMS-12004 [Video] The video quality is degraded with lower than expected bandwidth setting in XMS response.
  • XMS-11588 [Video] Experiencing one-way video during load testing. SIP client and WebRTC client are bridged together.
  • XMS-12135 [VXML] VXML crash is observed after rebooting the system.
  • XMS-11952 [VXML] When VXML pre-fetch is disabled, there is SIP signaling session leak.
  • XMS-11757 [WebGUI] Setting the Send 180 Response field on the Protocol > SIP page of the WebGUI causes incorrect services to start.
  • XMS-12178 [XMS] XMS is ignoring the configured session timer value when sending 200 OK response to INVITE message.
  • XMS-12090 [XMS] If the xmserver process fails in split mode, there is an issue with garbled or silent audio.
  • XMS-11849 [XMS] When the end client disconnects the call during play, xmsrest does not send hangup event.
  • XMS-11657 [XMS] XMS does not report eventhandler status=active after MRB failover.