MRCP v2.0 client library use


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MRCP v2.0 client library use

  • Hi,

    Could you help please?

    I have to implement support for ASR and TTS. Knowing that HMP 3.0 does not have such library and we have to make MRCP client based on third party MRCP v2.0 library, but what library and how it is used.

    What is not clear for me how to incorporate gc_API, dx_API and third party MRCP API how voice channel is routed with MRCP library channel and so on

    So after GCEV_CONNECTED how to connect MRCP channel and HMP voice channel?

    From some articles and libraries it seems that HMP application and MRCP client are separate application is this a must or it is possible to have in one application HMP with MRCP client in it?

     Is there some example HMP application with MRCP support?

    Thank you in advance.

  • While I have seen this done with HMP on both Linux and windows, it might be better to move to using PowerMedia XMS in this case.

    Here is an exert from the 3.5 release notes here:


    "PowerMedia XMS offers multiple media control protocols that can be used in a variety of network infrastructures. For example, a SIP application server (AS) can drive PowerMedia XMS using the MSML control interface or use the VoiceXML (VXML) browser in PowerMedia XMS to execute VXML scripts and invoke MRCP speech services, like ASR and TTS."