Our first shot at a VMWare box. Other servers load fine. The hosts file has a correct entry of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx hostname

HMP 4.1 LIN Centos 7 Update 1, Linux firewall off, SELinux disabled.

After boot rtflog has :

2692  4110416704 OAMIPC                  Warning      OAMOSSL - OAMOSSL::OSSL_Socket::ClientConnect connect udom failed (111 - Connection refused)

cliagent.log has :

@@@@@ InitClitvlCommands() - BoardManager startup failed @@@@@

CLI agent log during conf system ipmedia start shows:

Write Error from Socket (fd: 14, errno: 0 )

the house firewall is on, but has 22 open so i can get in, and of course 5060 is open.

I have an outside IP that translates to the internal ip. Show system has the correct external ip and I've tried it using the internal ip. i've reinstalled dialogic multiple times after each change.