Dialogic Linux HMP 4.1 support G729 Codec?


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Dialogic PowerMedia HMP GlobalCall and R4 API

Dialogic Linux HMP 4.1 support G729 Codec?

  • We have Dialgoic LInux HMP 4_1_236.  I have few urgent questions to answer customer inquiry/requirements.  Please help!

    1. Will this version support G729 codec audio file?
    2. If yes, does it require any special license?
    3. Will I be able to test G729 codec audio file play with evaluation license?
    4. In the Evaluation license, I see only RTP_G_711, does it mean with evaluation license I can play only G711 codec audio files?

  • Here are the short answer:

    1. Yes, G729 can be used on network side for streaming of RTP for IP calls in this case

    2. Yes, G729 comes as part of Enhanced RTP port option in HMP licensing.

    3. Not sure, would need to see the full content of you license to answer that question.

    4. Yes, if that is the case, then only G711 can be used for RTP streaming of audio over the network.

    Overall, it sound like you might need to get trial license from Dialogic Sales for any new opportunity you may be working. I would suggest contacting you sale fae/rep for additional questions.