SS7HDE Card Restart Problem


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SS7HDE Card Restart Problem

  • Dears,

    I am facing a problem with my Dialogic card each time I try to run gctload, after completing the download of SS7.dc4 file and got status download is complete, the server is restarted in the phase of awaiting board active acknowledgement.

    Do you have any idea about this issue and how to solve it?

  • Dears,

    Each time server restart a log can be found in servers log as below:

    The system has rebooted from a Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) event.

    User Action

    Determine the nature of the Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) event, and take corrective action.

    WBEM Indication Properties

    AlertingElementFormat: 1 0x1 (Other)

    AlertType: 5 0x5 (Device Alert)

    Description: "The system has rebooted from a Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) event."

    EventCategory: 16 0x10 (System Power)

    EventID: "1"

    ImpactedDomain: 4 0x4 (System)

    IndicationIdentifier: "{F19C5ECF-3F67-44A7-8203-5C036B7A32CB}"

    IndicationTime: "20180918104731.218000+000"

    NetworkAddresses[0]: "fe80::41fa:3fd8:332:f380%21"

    NetworkAddresses[1]: ""

    NetworkAddresses[2]: "fe80::e8fe:67ff:7b8a:cdff%14"

    NetworkAddresses[3]: ""

    OSType: 103 0x67 (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2)

    OSVersion: "6.1.7600"

    PerceivedSeverity: 5 0x5 (Major)

    ProbableCause: 111 0x6f (Timeout)

    ProbableCauseDescription: "ASR Reboot Occurred"

    ProviderName: "HP Recovery"

    ProviderVersion: ""

    RecommendedActions[0]: "Determine the nature of the Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) event, and take corrective action."

    Summary: "ASR reboot occurred"

    SystemCreationClassName: "HP_WinComputerSystem"

    SystemFirmwareVersion[0]: "2014.02.10"

    SystemFirmwareVersion[1]: "2014.02.10"

    SystemGUID: "32333536-3030-5A43-3234-323831445951"

    SystemModel: "ProLiant DL380p Gen8"

    SystemName: "CH-TGW"

    SystemProductID: "653200-B21"

    SystemSerialNumber: "CZ24281DYQ"

    TIME_CREATED: 131817412813056624 0x1d44f3d11eeea70

    For more information, please contact HPE Support.

  • Dears,

    An additional error appeared at HP Home management page is as below:

    Critical Unrecoverable System Error (NMI) has occurred. System Firmware will log additional details in a separate IML entry if possible


    uncorrectable pci express error gen8

  • At one point in time there were issues with several board types due to HP breaking backward compatibility with PCIe in their BIOS. Something similar was seen with HMP/DNI boards as noted here:


    I might suggest checking to see if there is a later BIOS available for the HP server of which you have.



  • Thank you Jeff for your valuable post.

    I will check for this and get back with my results.

    Thanks again.