Need to change 24th parameter in firmware file for gc_GetFrame()


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Need to change 24th parameter in firmware file for gc_GetFrame()

  • I need to access the Data Link layer's Frame using the gc_GetFrame() function. However, the documentation states that I need to change the 24th parameter in the firmware file. I tried to use the function regardless - as I don't know which file that is, nor which parameter to change in it - and the function indeed returned an error stating that I need to change that parameter in the firmware file. 

    Which file is that, how do I access it, and which parameter do I need to change in order to be able to use the gc_GetFrame() function? 

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    I guess we would need to know what specific board or product you are using in this case. But I did manage to see further detail in the GC ISDN Tech guide here:


    More specifically this exert from section 4.11:

    4.11 Using Direct Layer 2 Access

    When using Dialogic® Springware Boards, to activate layer 2 access, parameter 0024 in the firmware PRM file must be set to a value that includes the bit represented by the value 01H. See Table 26, “Modifiable Protocol Parameters for Dialogic® Springware Boards”, on page 192 for more information.

    When using Dialogic® DM3 Boards, direct layer 2 access is supported on a per trunk basis. Direct layer 2 access is enabled by including the following command in the appropriate [CSS.x] section of the CONFIG file, where x identifies a specific trunk (span):