Hmp win 3.0 on Azure cloud server?


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Hmp win 3.0 on Azure cloud server?

  • From what I understand HMP WIN 3.0 on a virtual/cloud based machine is only certified for VmWare.

    Is supported  on Azure?

    I did a search and found that "VoiceGuide" specs their application (Which uses HMP) can be installed on either VmWare or Azure.

    This is a snipped from their install quide:

    "VoIP/SIP deployments can also be made on Virtual Machines and on 'Cloud' services.
    Platforms supported: VMware ESXi, Microsoft Azure Cloud."


  • Hi,

    Just wanted to add a clarification that there has not been any official testing for the Cloud with respect to Azure, Google or AWS with Windows HMP 3.0 SU baseline. So I am not sure why this specific company would claim support for it on the HMP 3.0 SU baseline in this case.

    Albeit, we have explored the likes of Azure (for instance) and found that specific requirements from the OS level were missing in their VM instance(s) which are necessary to have HMP run properly and thus until those conditions have been met / resolved by those third parties, it will remain in its exploration phase for the time being.


    Jeff M.