DNI2410TEPE function dx_deltone fail


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Dialogic PowerMedia HMP GlobalCall and R4 API

DNI2410TEPE function dx_deltone fail

  • Card: DNI2410TEPE2HMP - 8 E1 Ports

    License: 120 Voice hib_pur

    Operation System: Windows Server 2016

    HMP Release: HMP Release 3.0 Build 395


    Filter in/out phone calls using forwarding from CME(Router) To Server(with DNI Card). 

    Current status:

    Hmp Card detected.

    Hmp release 3.0 build 395 is installed and license is activated.

    Trunk configuration: Network only and net5 for each trunk

    gnet5 .pcd .config and .fcd file have been generated and work

    DCM success to start card.

    C++ code running on card.


    I have done code on c++ which work perefectly on hmp build 357.

    I currently open different server with dni2410 4 ports with hmp build 395 (replace inc and lib files) , Whenever I run my c++ code on the new server (build395) dx_deltones() function failed. Im sure the voice channel is correct because i can make calls! 

    InIIn conclusion, I think its production bug... 

    reallyappreciate your help,

    Thanks Jack

  • I am not aware of any issues with that API on SU395, as I know I had been running a CPA based application recently for different reason which makes use of the GTD/GTG functionality for user defined tones and there were no issues.

    Jeff M.