Dell PowerEdge Server - Dialogic Interface Cards - Compatibility


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Dialogic PowerMedia HMP GlobalCall and R4 API

Dell PowerEdge Server - Dialogic Interface Cards - Compatibility

  • Hi Experts

    I was asked if the Power Edge 14g family would support the Dialog Interface cards. Specific model (DNI1210TEPE2HMP (306-428).

    Has anyone worked on a project using these Servers?

    Is there any homologation list for this manufacturer (Dell)?

    Can someone give me the updated link of the technical specifications (Spec) interface cards (DNI1210TEPE2HMP (306-428)?

    Spec server Dell


    Tks a Lot



  • The DNI boards in question are Half size PCIe boards, so they should fit in all serves at this point.

    To find out more you would have to refer to Sangoma Technologies in this case for additional questions. As the DNI are no longer owned by Enghouse (Dialogic) after Jan 9, 2018 when that technology was sold as part of sale including DM3/JCT (SR) products.



    Jeff M.